Nikki is the founder of award winning technology and gadgets site She was the winner of the Cosmo Blog Awards 2010 and 2011. She has regular technology columns on various websites and writes about technology for magazines and other publications. She also writes regularly for several technology blogs and is a blogger in Virgin Media Red Set. Nikki has extensive experience as a technology writer in the corporate sector.


  • Founder / editor – Winner Cosmo Blog Awards 2010 and 2011: Best tech and gadgets blog
  • – gadget girl column
  • Tesco Magazine – tech and lifestyle features
  • Globrix – lifestyle and home gadgets column
  • MIRA – digital technology in the home
  • – gadget gift guides
  • – gadget gift guides
  • – resident technology expert
  •  – weekly tech and gadgets column, video blogger


  • Cosmopolitan – tech and gadget blogs
  • Virgin Media – Red Set
  • Glam Media – female blogger
  • Vodafone – female blogger – brand ambassador for women


  • Woman and Home Magazine:
    – Top Travel Gadgets
    – Declutter your Tech Life
    – Luddites guide to Tech
    – Big Tech Buys
    – Tablets, Smart TV and PVRs
    – Digital photo printers
    – Thief proof your phone
    – Tech Terms
    – Tech Trends
    – Netflix vs Lovefilm – A Guide to Movie Streaming
  • Now Magazine – health and beauty gadgets


  • Contributor Sunday Times  – eco gadgets
  • Disney – Cars 2 spy gadgets
  • WISE – Tech writer, developed leaflet in association with Vodafone to encourage young girls to get into technology